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Bulk Discount

As of mid February 2024, our business is undergoing some changes, and with that comes an exciting opportunity for you! Our entire catalogue is available for Bulk Discount.

code: BulkWS

Be sure to use the above discount code.

All orders over $1000 are eligible for Bulk Dicount of 50% OFF! 

Total before the discount must be at least $1000, then use code: BulkWS to get 50% off. In short, you are only paying $500 minimum. It really is that simple. The best part is that you can choose whatever you like, without needing to buy 5 of each or anything like that. You could choose one of each worry stone, one of each herb, one of everything! 

Please note: If you are ordering from the Handcrafted section, there is a 5-7 day turn around time allotted for crafting these items as they are custom and handmade when the order is placed. 

Shipping: Please allow 3 days for your order to be shipped, we are a small family-owned and operated business, it may take us some time to get everything securely packed.

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