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I Choose Positivity

How I view my life depends on me. Depends on what I focus on, what I'm grateful for, how I turn negative situations into learning experiences, etc. Living positively means I choose to focus on the good in things and situations.

I feel like we are bombarded with negativity, every single day. It is up to us, what we choose to focus on. This brings me to triggers, many of us have experienced trauma. I could argue that the need for "trigger warnings" is absolutely necessary for my well-being. However, my well-being is up to me, not everyone else. In social media platforms, I see people being "triggered" by almost everything. Eh, when I don't like a post or I feel like it will trigger me in some way, I move on. Why? Because my time is precious and priceless. And, ultimaltely, I choose what to focus on...which brings me on to "glimmers." Glimmers are the oppostie of triggers, if you will. They are moments in time that bring us joy. I choose, to focus on these.

Also, I choose to be thankful, for I know that I am spiritually protected and blessed. Therefore, even when things don't go right, I know I will end up on the right path. That is how much I trust and believe that the Universe conspires for me.

To live positively doesn't mean I don't get upset, or cry, or feel frustrated. It's is in our DNA to feel deeply. Feel your feelings, but don't drown in them. Sit with them, acknowledge them and work through them. Even, when moments feel bleak, I choose to still be grateful and focus on the good things. However, your traumas are not the same as mine, and I understand that the level of trauma affects each person differently. With that said, my hope with this post is for you to take a grain of positivity with you. And when you feel overwhelemed, choose to focus on a glimmer. Our minds are powerful, shift focus and you will see a change, no matter how small.

~ Luna

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