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What is a Cleansing Wash?

Hi, Beautiful Soul!

I always see this question brewing in people's minds whenever I bring it up as a recommendation. As always, a recommendation is just that: a recommendation. I always offer them, because my family and I use them on a monthly basis and we have for decades. I believe that as the energectic beings that we are, we have to be mindful of the energies that get attached to ours. Just as you wash you clothes and clean your home, you also need to take care of your Spirit.

A cleansing wash helps remove negativity, stagnant energy and helps calm your Spirit. Each wash includes instructions. If you have any questions, always feel free to message me. Our clients have experienced any of the following: good night's rest, more calm, better opportunities, more patience, positive outlook, reinvigorated, etc. Feel free to send me feedback of how you felt, if you decide to try one.

Also, pay attention if any stinging occurs and where on your body. Most typical places: back, face and arms. The significance varies, for instance, during my time at a very negative job I always felt my face sting, this means that I was being energetically attacked. The interesting thing is that, I prepare the wash very similarly every month and depending on the type of interactions I've had, the wash clears that energy with pin point precision.

There are other ways to cleanse, too. You can use smoke, sound, baths/washes, etc. Since I'm a bit sensitve to smoke, I prefer to cleanse with a wash. I typically use smoke or sound to cleanse my spaces and my tools. There is no right or wrong way, whatever works best for you.

If you're interested, click here.

Our cleansing washes are handcrafted by me. Any handcrafted item I offer, I have made for myself, family and friends. I do not sell anything that I have not used myself. I wholeheartly believe in my quality and all items are imbued with my energy, including crystals.

Blessed be!

- Luna

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