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Arcane Crafts has a blog?

Updated: May 18, 2023

Welcome to our Blog

We will be talking about different Witchy, Pagan, Spiritual, Magick, and the like!

Full Disclosure: No one, absolutely no one, knows everything there is to know about witchcraft and related topics. I am always learning, always. And I will be the first to admit when I don't know something; however, I will research and go down rabbit holes to find information for you and for me.

Think of it as a University, there are people who feel called to a certain aspect of it, such as Divination (and within this "major" there are "minors," such as: Tarot, Pendulum, Tea Leaf, Oracle, Dowsing Rods, etc.), others focus on Astrology, Energy, Sound Healing, and there are a lot more; but, you get the drift. It is an enormous world that no one knows everything.

With that said, I am a fourth generation Mexican witch, I grew up in this world, but my knowledge is going to be different than yours. My path is mine and yours is yours and that is the beauty of it.

What calls to you?

I am interested in learning about you as well, feel free to comment or if you want to chat privately I can be reached via email

I am drawn to cartomancy, crystals, energy work, herbs, candle spellwork, sound healing, Reiki, traditional Mexican healing, and aromatherapy. In our shop you will find crystals, herbs, oils, fragrances, jewelry (that can be consecrated as an amulet or talisman), and services.

Hope to be of assistance!


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