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The Labradorite Snake is a unique crystal figurine that embodies the power and energy of the serpent. Made from high-quality Labradorite stone, this piece showcases the stone's characteristic iridescence and color-changing properties. A symbol of transformation and healing, the snake is a powerful totem animal that can help you connect with your inner wisdom and intuition. This beautiful figurine makes a perfect addition to any crystal collection and can be used for meditation, energy work, or simply as a decorative piece. With its mesmerizing beauty and symbolic significance, the Labradorite Snake is a must-have for any crystal enthusiast.


Stand is not included.


  • Weight: 155 gm
  • Length: 100.3 mm
  • Width: 61 mm
  • Height: 20.6 mm

Labradorite Snake

SKU: 10001726