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Please allow 7-10 business days for candle crafting and curing.


This candle will help you focus on Love. It works well for increasing your Self-Love, Manifest Love, or Strengthen your current relationship.


When you light each wick, set the intention of what you want to manifest. For instance, you may want your partner to be more understanding, for your relationship to rekindle, for you to be more present. You may also write your petition on a piece of paper and once all three wicks are lit, burn it - but BE CAREFUL.


The three wicks can signify:

  • (1) You, (2) Your partner, (3) The relationship
  • (1) Mind, (2) Body, (3) Ssoul
  • (1) You, (2) Ideal partner, (3) Ideal relationship


Optional: Feel free to email me a picture of your candle or send me a text (along with your name) and I will interpret it.

  • 507-205-2305


Warning: We are not liable if any accidents occur due to negligence or for any other reason beyond our control. Also, please place candle on a heat-safe surface, it will get hot, do not pick it up or touch it. Keep away from children and/or pets. By continuing with your order, you agree to these warnings.

    Intention Candle: Love

    SKU: 10002562
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