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About Us

First and foremost, we are here to be of service. We can provide guidance through our gift of cartomancy; emotional support through empathy; and teach others to live fully with gratitude, love and a little bit of magick.

We began as a fragrance business in 2011; we sold designer fragrances, then we decided to offer Bespoke Fragrances. I absolutely love crafting fragrances, so we decided to add a little bit of magick into them and offered Spiritual Bespoke Fragrances.


A few years later, we fully dove into my family's heritage: Witchcraft. in 2019, we were Blue Moon Consult in Las Vegas, NV, where we offered card readings and cleansings. In 2021, our family moved to Minnesota and we officially became Arcane Crafts, LLC.


We offer magickal bits and bobs, including: cleanses, card readings, handcrafted products (candles, inner demons, intention necklaces & keychains, etc.), and I'm happy to announce that soon we'll offer Bespoke Intention Fragrances ...because at heart I'm still a perfumer. 

We hope to be of service!

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