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Our cleansing washes aid to cleanse your aura (spirit) of negativity: negative inner thoughts, evil eye or envious energies directed at you, etc.


Just as you wash your body, wash your clothes, and tidy up your home; it is just as important (if not more) to cleanse your aura regularly. We are energetic beings, we function from neurological electronic impulses, ergo: energy.


Our energy field, if cleanse regularly, allows you to be open to better opportunities and to attract people with the same vibrational frequency. Which also means, that cleansing regularly, you may find yourself shedding negative energies, including people.


  • 60 ml - good for one individual or a couple.


Wash includes direction on how to use properly. We recommend doing a spot check prior to using, as our formula does have fragrance, sea water, and herbals that were soaked in the parent batch.

Cleansing Wash

SKU: 10002535
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