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Is Magick Real?

Well, since this is a magick-based blog, I have to be biased and say, "Yes!"

But in all seriousness, I firmly believe in manifestation, vibration and energy; which I feel, they are components of magick. Everyone has a different belief system or lack thereof; and as long as "it" works for you, then that's all that matters. If you are seeking for more than what you currently believe in, look inwardly first.

I'm not here to impose my beliefs unto you, and on the flip side of that coin, there's no space in my life to be told what to believe either. Therefore, please take what is here with a grain of salt and make your own conclusions on the topic by reading from multiple sources. Besides, my magick is different than even my dad's; so on that note, your magick (if you believe in it) is different than mine. Research what sparks curiosity.

On a personal level, I can tell you with certainty that where I am in my life right now, magick has played an important role. However, the way I approach magick when doing manifesting spellwork, is through gratefulness first and foremost. Then I move forward with the idea that if what I'm asking for is going to be good for me then it will happen. I trust and believe that I have a powerful ancestral army with me and they are always looking out for me. Also, my magick is passed down, mostly from my dad's lineage; although, I have my suspicions that someone from my mom's side practiced witchcraft at some point.

On an ethical note, magick is neither white nor black; it is neutral. It works based on the person's intention. Most of the working I do are for the well-being of someone (myself or another). There have been times, though, when one must protect oneself or loved ones. Therefore, yes, I have, I can, and I will use magick in a wide range of ways as needed.

In a vague religious context, magick (intention and manifestation) is similar to prayers and miracles. Prayers are a form of intention. And miracles is the magick manifesting from the prayers.

~ Luna

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